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Assessment Sponsor: Takayuki Mimura


Sponsor's Address:
Not specified

Organisational Unit Assessed: Industrial Systems Development Section, Engineering Department A, Total Solution Center

Model Used: Automotive SPICE PAM V2.5

Class Of Assessment Used: Formal (Class A)

Assessment Method Used: PPA v1.8

Method Conformance Statement: This assessment was conducted in accordance to Automotive SPICE using PPA assessment method class A with the specific EXCEL tool. Assessment was performed by 1 team. Team collected evidences of more than 2 for each practices and conducted document reviews for work products and also generic resources.

On-site Dates: From 13/12/2016 to 16/02/2017

Assessment Team:
Name Team Role Hours
Takao Orikata Lead 109 hours
Masayuki Hayashida Member 63 hours
Junji Honda Member 95 hours
Satoshi Maegawa Member 77 hours
Takahiro Tsukamoto Member 95 hours

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