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Assessment Sponsor: Katsuhiko Honda

Sponsor's Organisation: Mitsubishi Electric Micro-Computer Application Software Co., Ltd.

Sponsor's Address:
Babazusyo-1, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto-pref, Japan

Organisational Unit Assessed: Visual Infomation Engineering Department Division C

Model Used: Automotive SPICE PAM V2.5

Class Of Assessment Used: Formal (Class A)

Assessment Method Used: PPA v1.8

Method Conformance Statement: Two samples for interviews and document reviews Two teams, each of which has three assessors

On-site Dates: From 17/03/2015 to 24/03/2015

Assessment Team:
Name Team Role Hours
Katsuhiro Yoshioka Lead 77 hours
Noriyoshi Kuno Member 35 hours
Masato Kuwahara Member 49 hours
Etsuko Okushi Member 20 hours
Hiroshi Tsukamoto Member 28 hours
Naoya Uegaki Member 52 hours

Maturity Level Achieved: Level Three

ACQ.3 Contract agreement Not in Scope
ACQ.4 Supplier monitoring Not in Scope
ACQ.11 Technical requirements Not in Scope
ACQ.12 Legal and administrative requirements Not in Scope
ACQ.13 Project requirements Not in Scope
ACQ.14 Request for proposals Not in Scope
ACQ.15 Supplier qualification Not in Scope
SPL.1 Supplier tendering Not in Scope
SPL.2 Product release Not in Scope
ENG.1 Requirements elicitation Not in Scope
ENG.2 System requirements analysis Not in Scope
ENG.3 System architectural design Not in Scope
ENG.4 Software requirements analysis Not in Scope
ENG.5 Software design Capability Level 3
ENG.6 Software construction Capability Level 3
ENG.7 Software integration test Capability Level 3
ENG.8 Software testing Not in Scope
ENG.9 System integration test Not in Scope
ENG.10 System testing Not in Scope
SUP.1 Quality assurance Capability Level 3
SUP.2 Verification Not in Scope
SUP.4 Joint review Not in Scope
SUP.7 Documentation Not in Scope
SUP.8 Configuration management Capability Level 3
SUP.9 Problem resolution management Capability Level 3
SUP.10 Change request management Capability Level 3
MAN.3 Project management Capability Level 3
MAN.5 Risk management Not in Scope
MAN.6 Measurement Not in Scope
Process Improvement
PIM.3 Process improvement Not in Scope
REU.2 Reuse program management Not in Scope

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